Friday, 23 October 2015

Art Talk.


it's related with Philosophy of Varied Arts, for every Art talks, conveys it's message, can be used in arguments.

Art can use other Art, either by including it without too much of an emphasis, by relating to it, by commenting it's message, style, quality, perhaps more.


Art(s) used in discussion(s) can be used as arguments.

There can be contradicting arguments, directly opposing each other, higher quality & quantity wins usually.

There can be countercurrent arguments, leading to opposite conclusions, even if these are not contradicting themselves immediately.

Transmission of the Art.

it is Transmission of the Art, to speak the same thing in many ways - using voice, gestures, symbolism, requisites - including images in the Internet or Costumes, for example.

that way message will be more clear & complete.

... if You care enough to say something well.

Are arguments useful for Sales only?

not only,

these are useful as well to support other arguments,

or to sway a Political (Known) or a Low-Profile (Small Scale, Quiet) decision.

Art Portals & it's Benefits.

art does not have to reveal itself to the public, but when it does, it's an opportunity to perceive, to enjoy, to use.

individual media files carry art's messages, can be used to comment words, in a relation ... as illustrations in a book, or in other ways as well.

there are portal sites with an Art, for example:
* 'deviantART',
* 'Art & Dharma Teachings', in making, with me as a person that leads in technical efforts.

art portals' statistics can be used in arguments, as for example in a phrase:

'this current in art is popular and proves that ... many artists see things that way & create such deeds ... beside artists it's also popular among customers. here are statistics as a proof.'.

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