Monday, 26 October 2015

Integral Speech.

it's related with: Art Talk, Philosophy of the Art & Science.

Integral speech & it's usefulness.

integral speech is speech that is internally consistent, that joins many topics, arguments, forms of expression.

it's easier to speak integrally for oneself, but to join many of different opinions of different people or groups is much more difficult.

it's useful when preparing expression form to tell something to a significiant group of people, representing opinions of many as well.

i think this has uses in Politics, Public Speeches, Arts, Sales, etc ...

How to speak integrally?

i think philosophy & arts can help with that.

i think that expression form should be short, true, strictly to the point.

i think that message should not contain any of contradicting (opposing) arguments in itself.

i think that message should contain as little as possible of countercurrent (leading to opposing conclusions) arguments as well.

Choosing Arguments.

'Symbol is never explained forever.' - Carl Jung.

symbols represent ideas, are arguments as well.

word, images, other expression forms might be symbols to be used or not.

different people react differently, research might be neccessary to check which of similar arguments a target group prefers.

images or words, etc ... might be given to a tested people's group(s), which image or word they like more?

we can draw components (symbols, arguments) & logic arrows (logical extensions from one symbol to another) as in a graph (important data structure in a computer sciences).

a 'Graph',
a 'Graph' of Arguments' Popularity.

if we wish to say argument 9,
let's take care of supporting arguments as well,
... it's 11 & 8 in this case.

for 11 we should also take care of 5 & 7,
for 8 we should also take care of 7 & 3,
for 5 we should take care of 11 as well.

if we wish to say 10,
let's notice,
argument 10 supports itself,
perhaps we should speak it many of a time.
it's supporting arguments are 11, 10 & 3.

this 'graph' is a 'directed graph',
for there are 'arrows' at the 'ends of the lines',

there are 'cycles' in this 'graph',
11->5->11 & 10->10 in this case,
... arguments we should speak many of a time, perhaps.

we can see which arguments benefit us more, which less ... when considering a group & us.

the same components might have different destinations depending on a target group they model.

arrows & components might be labelled with 'popularity score', a number next to a component or arrow ... or perhaps a color as well.

see also if you wish or need, ... : Modelling Speech Forms (a computer sciences article).

(to be continued later, if needed or neccessary).


  1. (EN) integral speech = (PL) integralna mowa.
    (EN) expression form = (PL) wyrazu forma.
    (EN) form of expression = (PL) forma wyrazu, forma wyrażania się np. przez sztukę malowania obrazów.

  2. (EN) an example of argument using supporting arguments:

    supported argument:
    * many will go to 'Art & Dharma Teachings' portal, once karma ripes,

    supporting arguments:
    * Many people of the World are Buddhists, or have Buddhist friends,
    * Many of the people enjoy the Art.