Thursday, 11 May 2017

Joining Martial Arts' Pearls of Wisdom into a Mala of many Pearl Beads.


... i think that individual 'Pearls of Wisdom' might seem funny or pointless, but when they 'Click Together' with a Greater Plan - they are far more Meaningful than each of these alone.

There is Martial Arts Philosophy as well, of course.

Even if you do not understand Martial Arts Wisdom fully, follow the Best Leader as possible - your plans will be Unpenetrable (because enemy won't understand your moves as well), and you will fall on enemy like a Thunderbolt when it's time for you to move (you'll suprise enemy with efficiency of your Leader's strategy used with your way).

Example: Long Fights.

i think it's wise to follow strictly Wisdom of the Wiser, of Philosophers & learn on the way.

Thinking is also a part of Martial Arts training, i am sure.

i am able to train that way for now at least, i am very grateful for that.

Martial Arts can be Enlightening, can lead to taking interrest in Buddhism & Spirituality - as it was with me as well.

It's a Buddhist lesson that what happens in Mind, later also develops on the Speech & Body levels.

Martial Thoughts can influence how one trains & fights later.

Acknowledgement: Way of Ninja.

On image above there's Mala - brown as Bodhi Tree.

Mala is a Buddhist Tool for counting Mantras.

Bodhi Tree is a Tree under which Buddha sat, and reached Enlightenment.

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